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Custom Devices

General Information

Our experiences:

  • Milking installations, milk volume measurement, agricultural electronic in general
  • Carbonate measurement and control systems for baking ovens, Oven casing temperature measurement
  • Measurement and distribution of liquids of all kinds in garages and car repair shops
  • Systems of measurement for gasoline stations, volume and amount calculator, billing system for petrol stations
  • Car pool management software
  • Unmanned point of sale for liquids as in petrol stations or for agricultural products
  • Loading and unloading of trucks, wagons and ships
  • Blending and measurement controller for ships
  • All measurement systems optionally calibrated with the necessary certificates.
  • Arrival measurement and registration in the indulgence foods industry, tax relevant
  • Facilities for food production with recipe management
  • Control and measurement of lubricant production facilities
  • Measurement devices for quality management for liquid products
  • Loading facilities for liquids and gases
  • Measurement systems from small dosing up to pipeline measurement.
  • Production of ATEX certified measurement and control systems
  • Measurement and administration of tank stores incl. tax free stores
  • Certifications concerning calibration and ATEX as service
  • Electronically controlled brakes for railed vehicles incl. energy recovery
  • Data acquisition and transfer for locomotives
  • Assembly, installation and operation of level sensors and data distribution via protected internet
  • Automatic recognition of passing vehicle and wagons also in ATEX area
  • Safety trigger for parachute

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