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Additive controller - AddiD

With the AddiD we basically differ from the common additive controllers.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • With the AddiD you obtain an active hydraulic prospection.
  • A scavenging pump support the additive pumps.
  • The additive will always inducted safely.
  • The transportation of the additive is assured in every operating condition.
  • Your entire additive facility will not only cleaned after the loading process in order to eliminate mixing, but also during the loading  process, so that the additive attains in the product at all times.
  • You can be certain that it does not come to any mixing while additive changeover, even if there are long line links from the additive block to the product line.
  • With AddiD you have 50% less sealing points.
  • You obtain metallic sealings. With that the question for the compatibility of the additives with the sealings does not apply for you.
  • With AddiD you obtain a system which acts also self-sustaining in special operating conditions.