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DohSys VMS

The compact, universal measuring system.

The compact, universal measuring system – type DohSys VMS (loading measurement system) has been developed for the loading and unloading of tank trucks, ships, rail wagons, storage tanks and other container forms.

  • All components and elements that are relevant for the measuring system, including user terminal unit are mounted on a supporting frame (skid).
  • A typical measuring system consists of components like: manual ball valves, sieve basket filters, gas separators, regulation valves, flow meters, filling arms, safety valves, measuring computer including user terminal and vapour recovery ways where applicable.
  • Each unit is configurable for multiple filling spots and different measuring goods.
  • Product admixing (additivation, side-stream/ratio blending, etc.) are possible on demand.
  • Measurements for custody transfer purposes are accomplished and covered according to the European Measurement Directive 2004/22/EC.
  • Also suitable for location in hazardous areas zones 1 & 2 (Ex-areas).
  • Individually adaptable to the particular requirements in respect of measuring medium, conduit tube diameter, flow rate, etc.
  • Typical measuring mediums: liquid gas, gas oil, Diesel, Benzine, Jet-A1, heating oil, heavy/ crude oil, Ad-Blue, lubricants, fertilizer, several chemicals, liquid foodstuffs, and much more.

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