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Fiscal Approved Data Logger
  • Serves backup and logging functionality of W&M verification relevant measuring data
  • Works exoteric like an approved metrological printer or a simple protocol printer and stores the data records with date and time stamp
  • Does not be afflicted with disadvantages of a mechanical printing unit like paper jam, empty ink ribbon, etc.
  • Makes a considerable contribution to the process safety of the entire system
  • Can operate with every system by implication, that provides the data via a serial communication port
  • Has an approved interface approved by PTB institute with the transfer protocol acc. to DIN 66258 (approval sheet A198, resp. FDW-protocol)
  • Provides the possibility, according to the weights & measures directive, to lock the measuring data against ersure, which are newer than 90 days. Older data can be erased through the user
  • Provides the possibility to retrieve the data by a supervisory system through an additional serial communication port, and optional through an integrated Ethernet port.
  • Provides the possibility to connect a serial printer, in order to print out selective data to paper directly from the device
  • Allows to log-in remotely from a supervisory computer with user name and password by dint of the remote access function, to have read access to the stored data, as well as to set the commands which are enabled for the current user. Also user actions will be recorded accordingly