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Range of application

You can find our products worldwide and in the most several ranges of application.

Our experiences:

  • Loading and unloading of tank trucks, railcars and bunkering vessels
  • Mixing and measuring systems for bunkering vessels
  • Loading systems for fluids and gases
  • Airfield fueling
  • Measurements in tank strorage farms and it's commercial administration, incl. tax-free storage farms
  • Manufacturing, installation and operation of liquid level measurements in tank storage farms with data distribution via secured Internet
  • Automatic recognition of passing vehicles and railcar wagons, also in hazardous areas
  • Controlling and measurement in manufacturing plants for production of lubricants
  • Fueling controller, fuel dispensing computer, settlement systems for filling stations
  • Vehicle fleet administration software
  • Unmanned selling points for several fluids, as example filling stations or for agricultural products
  • Measurement and distribution of several kinds of fluids in the sector of car repair/maintenance facilities
  • Measuring devices for the quality assurance of liquid products
  • Measuring systems from small simple dosing up to pipeline measurement
  • Manufacturing of measuring, controlling and regulating systems for application in hazardous areas (ATEX)
  • Reception measurement and aquisition in the foodstuff industry, also relevant for taxes and duties
  • Systems for foodstuff manufacturing with recipe management

 ...and much more!

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